I help companies create sustainable growth.


Your company has plenty of opportunities for growth. Maybe more than ever. I help you identify potential growth areas, select the most promising and create the real change that is needed to succeed.

I am Peter Bjørn Eriksen – a Business Advisor and Investor specialising in helping companies to accelerate growth in a better way.

I combine the mindsets of being an advisor and an investor. I always work as if my own money is at stake – which it is in several cases. That is how I distance myself from the traditional business consultant and many investors.



Are you a CEO in a growth-oriented industrial company?

Then you should explore my advisory practice.

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Do you own a startup or an established B2B-company with a digital business model?

Then you should explore how I work as an investor.

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I believe that all people and businesses, no matter how successful they are, have untapped potential and power that can take them beyond what they would think possible.